Who is Web Design Kinetix?

With such a name and so many services, this company must be huge! Right?

Ummm. Not really.

Allow me to introduce Web Design Kinetix, company of one owner/developer, that has friends that freelance with her.  I am Wendy Brezin, the owner. For those who want to see details in a resume format, click here.

For those who prefer a short story, suffice to say I was finishing my doctorate in Developmental Psychology.  I loved doing mad scientist-type experiments, however the data I had collected for analysis of my final project was so complex, doing the statistical analysis by hand was going to take what looked like forever. A friend introduced me to computer programming as a short-cut. I was hooked and never looked back.

Since then I’ve worked as a programmer, project manager, manager, IP address coordinator, systems administrator (Microsoft, Unix, and Linux), database designer, webmaster, email administrator, and network engineer. A freakishly freaky accident in a computer operations center changed my career path to one that did not require shlepping heavy equipment and running network cables from one end of building to another underneath “raised” metal tiled floors. So now i spend my time designing and developing web sites. And loving it.

As it happens, I love technology of all sorts and tend to be what is known as an “early adopter”.  It was a habit I picked up from my dad, who had a car repair shop and taught me all about tearing down engines and automotive technology. He was a masterful photographer as well, and we were always shlepping to camera shops and getting the latest/greatest lens, darkroom equipment, cameras, rolling our own film, then heading off to the Everglades to capture something spectacular on film. Since then, if I hear about a new technology, I am all over it.

Same thing was true back in the early 1990’s when web sites were just starting to pop up with the Mosaic as well as the Netscape browsers. That’s when I began to create my first web pages. I designed my first commercial site for a friend in 1996, and another for a non-profit organization. By 2002, web site design and management became my full-time job.

These days I design and develop web sites for small businesses, schools, non-profit organizations, sometimes calling upon fellow web tech freelancing friends to contribute when this company of one gets one client too many, although I always oversee all work.

So now you know a little more about Web Design Kinetix. Give me a call and let me know how we may be of service to you!

— WB


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